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Safety measures

The competition fee is paid by the team manager at the site of the competition. Face masks must be worn by all outside the fencing zone. Fencers and their coaches as well as referees are allowed to move freely in the fencing zone (coaches and referees must wear face masks). Other caretakers and spectators are…

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COVID-19 restrictions

Last update – 1st May 2021 Rules about entering Poland All travellers coming to Poland are subject of obligatory quarantine, unless: they were vaccinated twice (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca) or once with Johnson&Johnson vaccine. Arrivals from Schengen area they have a negative test result, made within 48 hours before crossing the border and present the test…

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Strips layout diagram

This diagram shows the layout of stripes in the sport’s hall.

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En garde distance in sabre

in sabre: en garde line distance stays at 4 meters

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What does ‘mini blade’ precisely mean?

The mini size of blade – only for U11 age group. in epee: Blade not longer then 77,5 cm and diameter of hilt-guard up to 12 cm. in foil: Mini size number “0”

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Requirements for fencing clothing and equipment

weapon mask plastron uniform U15 U13 U11 epee size 5 size 5 to size 2 (825 mm) mini size 0 (775 mm) normal with FIE 2018 upgrade 800N 350N foil size 5 size 5 to size 2 (825 mm) mini size 0 (775 mm) U11-13 mask do not need electric bibs 800N 350N U15 mask…

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