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COVID-19 restrictions

Last update – 1st May 2021 Rules about entering Poland All travellers coming to Poland are subject of obligatory quarantine, unless: they were vaccinated twice (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca) or once with Johnson&Johnson vaccine. Arrivals from Schengen area they have a negative test result, made within 48 hours before crossing the border and present the test…

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Strips layout diagram

This diagram shows the layout of stripes in the sport’s hall.

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En garde distance in sabre

in sabre: en garde line distance stays at 4 meters

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What does ‘mini blade’ precisely mean?

The mini size of blade – only for U11 age group. in epee: Blade not longer then 77,5 cm and diameter of hilt-guard up to 12 cm. in foil: Mini size number “0”

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Requirements for fencing clothing and equipment

weapon mask plastron uniform U15 U13 U11 epee size 5 size 5 to size 2 (825 mm) mini size 0 (775 mm) normal with FIE 2018 upgrade 800N 350N foil size 5 size 5 to size 2 (825 mm) mini size 0 (775 mm) U11-13 mask do not need electric bibs 800N 350N U15 mask…

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