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This is our official poster this year (by Eugeniusz Orda):

Last Updated ( poniedziałek, 23 luty 2015 )
The international artistic competition 'Fencing - the sport event'
This year our tournament is accompanied by an art contest for participants. Detailed rules are below and as a downloadable PDF file. We invite you to take part in this competition. Remember, the deadline for entries is March 10th, 2015.
Last Updated ( czwartek, 25 grudzień 2014 )
Announcing 38th edition of the Tournament

We are pleased to invite fencers under the age of 15 from all over the world for the next year's, 38th edition of the Challenge Wratislavia tournament, which will take place on 19-23 March, 2015.

19 March 2015    girls’ epee
20 March 2015    boys’ epee
21 March 2015    boys’ foil
22 March 2015    girls’ foil
23 March 2015    girls’ & boys' sabre

The complete information about the upcoming edition of the tournament, including Tournament agenda could be found on Organization pages.

Last Updated ( pi±tek, 12 grudzień 2014 )
37th edition of tournament - summary
37th edition of the Challenge Wratislavia already passed into history tournaments. The Organizer, Wroc?awianie Fencing Club, would like to thank all for their participation in our event. It's thanks to You that the competition was the celebration of children fencing.
Last Updated ( pi±tek, 20 czerwiec 2014 )
TV coverages (TVP Wroclaw)
In our gallery we put TVP Wroclaw short broadcasts of each day of our tournament - as well as a coverage of the entire event.
Last Updated ( poniedziałek, 21 kwiecień 2014 )
The last day - sabre

Read more...The sabre ruled on pistes during the last day of our tournament. There were 526 competitors from 15 countries. As expected, the Russians set the tone for all the  bouts that day and they won the general medal table.


Last Updated ( wtorek, 15 kwiecień 2014 )
Day 4 - girls' foil

Read more...There were girl foilists fighting in the 4th day of the tournament - 417 fencers (including 211 foreigners) from 21 countries (Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, the Netherlands, Latvia, Germany, Russia, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, the USA, Hungary , the United Kingdom and Poland).

Last Updated ( wtorek, 15 kwiecień 2014 )
3rd day - boys' foil

Read more...The third day of competition is all about foil - boys' foil. About 9:00 we begin the oldest category - 164 fencers. About 11.00 commences bouts in the category of 2001-02 (182 fencers). The youngest category starts at 12:15.

Last Updated ( niedziela, 30 marzec 2014 )
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